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Silver has always been a sought-after metal, dating back to ancient times. Silver has become an ideal investment due to its rising global demand, mainly for industrial purposes. It is an in-demand raw material for the automotive, manufacturing, medical, electronics, and photographic industries. Investors also use silver for hedging against inflation.

If you want to invest in silver, there are several options to consider.  You can buy futures contracts on silver.  You can also purchase physical metal, usually in the form of bars or coins.  You can also invest in stocks or ETFs of listed companies that mine this precious metal.  You can also buy silver ETFs. Silver ETFs are available through physically-backed funds or through futures contracts. Silver futures are traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange COMEX division.

The spot price of silver refers to the current, real-time base price for silver that is not fabricated.  This means that spot silver prices do not include the markup for the fabrication, distribution, and the dealer fee. Although affected by markets all over the world, the spot silver price per ounce is generally based on COMEX in New York.

Spot silver prices are affected by the going rate for this precious metal figured per troy ounce. Many silver exchanges post spot silver prices live, 24 hours a day. However, in order for the investor to make a more informed decision, the historical data of silver prices are also usually provided – from the past hour up to a year. This provides investors not just spot silver prices but an entire perspective, giving them precise information in order to make the best decision.

Spot silver prices change every few seconds and are always moving, so it is important for investors to really be vigilant. The price of silver is affected by several factors including current events, currency fluctuations, the buying power of large entities and governments, market speculations, and supply and demand.


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Sometimes, too, instead of a troy ounce Silver price, you will see the Silver gram price or Silver kilogram price. Both of these would be converted from the USD price of Silver per oz.


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Live silver prices in Zurich, London, Singapore and Toronto.silver price chart shows you the real-time spot price in the professional silver bullion market. … The silver price chart allows you to select your desired currency from US Dollars, Australian Dollars …